Planetary Sunrise @Oerol —> VoordeKunst

Coming June we’re in for a treat. We’re joining forces again with the Ragazze Quartet to play at Oerol Festival. Over the years we’ve collaborated often with the string players but now we are doing a major project. Last year we wanted to play the music from Terry Riley, a minimal composer from the ’70, and we’ve arranged it for our combination of instruments. We’re really pleased with the result and performing it in a special way at the Oerol festival.

Also joined by graphic designers ‘Het Blauwe Uur’ and ‘Slagwerk Den Haag’ we are playing a trippy sunset concert in which the music of Riley fits perfectly. So every sunset, around 11 PM, there are 3 pieces being performed. We play a piece together with the Ragazze called Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collecter, a beautiful rhythmic and sort-of tonal piece with the performers are given a lot of freedom. And we are going to compose a new piece for us and ‘Slagwerk Den Haag’. If you’re able to visit the Oerol festival this year, do it!

Only problem is that we are still working on the funds for this project. It quite a major project and in that way pretty expensive so we would like to ask you if you could support us make this project happen. We have a ‘VoordeKunst’ actie for crowdfunding. Please watch the video here. Thank you!